jay defeo

Jay DeFeo's show at the Whitney opens February 28.


10th anniversary


bernard frize

Winter Diary, Bernard Frize's show at Pace, "features fifteen new paintings that continue Frize’s process-oriented practice of creating work according to systems, rules, and chance."


dirk skreber

Dirk Skreber's show at Petzel "continues to mine the contradictions of popular imagery through both conceptual and formal variations."


hope gangloff

I'm a big fan of Hope Gangloff's work. Be sure to see her show at Susan Inglett before it closes March 23.


russell nachman

Palimpsest III, Russell Nachman's show at LMAK projects, "continues his exploration and meditaion on the waning days of western metaphysics."


jean-michel basquiat

The Basquiat show at Gagosian offers the public "a fresh opportunity to consider his central role in his artistic generation as a lightning rod and a bridge between cultures."


bard graduate center library book sale

The Bard Graduate Center Library is holding its winter book sale on Tuesday, February 19 from 10:00a.m. to 6:30p.m. All are welcome. Please note: The sale will be held at Bard Hall, near Columbus Circle, at 410 W. 58th St. between 9th and 10th Avenues (not at the library on W. 86th).


david shrigley

 Signs, David Shrigley's show at Anton Kern, closes February 16.


chris antkowiak

Chris Antkowiak should by now be finished with his 12th annual Valentine's Day Painting.



george w. bush

George W. Bush- worse painter or president?


deep cuts

Deep Cuts, at Anna Kustera, is on view through March 2.



Thanks to Edwin and his crew for the recent post on NEWTHINGS.


mitchell-innes and nash

The work of Anna Betbeze, Josh Brand, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, and Josh Tonsfeldt at Mitchell-Innes and Nash "allows an element of chance or material history to affect surface, substituting the physical memory of the source material for the deliberate gesture."


a space with

A Space With is one to keep your eye on.


fit to print

Rooster Gallery presents Fit to Print, an "exhibition exclusively dedicated to fashion photography by one of New York’s most ground-breaking and innovative photography duos, Herring and Herring."


christopher k. ho

Privileged White People, Christopher K. Ho's show at Forever and Today, derives "from his experiences as a young immigrant from Hong Kong to Southern California."


dana cooper

Dana Cooper's show at Postmasters "rings together groups of photographs, photo-collages and spatial hybrid constructions that in an accumulative way convey a disorienting imaginary landscape."


roger brown

Roger Brown's show at DC Moore provides "commentary on current events and attitudes with a strong dose of irony and a wry sense of humor."


hendrik kerstens

Hendrik Kerstens' show at Danziger "explores some of the many intersections between painting and photography."


hilla rebay and juliana force

Art Resources from the Mid-20th Century: Digitized Highlights from the Libraries of Hilla Rebay and Juliana Force, a joint project by the Guggenheim and Whitney Libraries, makes available the 60,000 pages of rare and unique materials from the libraries of Hilla Rebay and Juliana Force—the inaugural directors of the Guggenheim and Whitney.