bill walton

JTT Gallery, a new space on the Lower East Side, presents its inaugural exhibition with work by Bill Walton.


lutz bacher

Lutz Bacher's show at Zachary/Currie has been extended through April 6.


catherine opie

High School Football, Catherine Opie's show at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, continues her "exploration of American spaces and communities, and the rituals and visual codes that define them."


eugene lemay

Eugene Lemay's show at Mike Weiss opens March 29.


antoine catala

Each piece in Antoine Catala's show at 47 Canal represents a syllable of the phrase 'I See Catastrophes Ahead'.


gerhard richter

The Film Forum presents Gerhard Richter Painting, playing through March 27.


johannes vanderbeek

Johannes Vanderbeek's show at Zach Feuer was prompted by the question: ‘Is it important for an artist to discuss the world around them through their work?’"


ellen berkenblit

Ellen Berkenblit's show at Anton Kern consists of "a new body of intensely colored, energetic, figurative paintings."


melanie willhide

Melanie Willhide's show at Von Lintel is "dedicated to the stranger who burglarized the artist's home in spring of 2010."


paul graham

Paul Graham's show at Pace features "new diptychs shot on the streets of New York that capture moments in the life of the city."


john chamberlain

The John Chamberlain retrospective at the Guggenheim comes a year after the celebrated artist's death.


albert oehlen

Albert Oehlen's show at Gagosian "tugs at the distinctions between man-made and machine-made."


jeanne silverthorne

Jeanne Silverthorne's show at McKee Gallery consists of "30 new sculptures, first fashioned in clay and then cast in rubber."


max gimblett

The Holy Grail, Max Gimblett's show at Gary Snyder, consists of "glossy, calligraphic abstractions in high-keyed hues, many of which feature large expanses of gold, silver, and aluminum leaf."


hans hofmann

Brush up on your art history with Hans Hofmann's show at Ameringer McEnery Yohe.


andrea galvani

Andrea Galvani's show at Meulensteen consists of "an interdisciplinary body of work including sound sculpture, drawings, text-based works, collages and photographs."


bharti kher

The Hot Winds That Blow From The West, Bharti Kher's show at Hauser & Wirth, "further plumbs metaphysical questions raised by our relationship to life’s quotidian activities and objects."


vice magazine

I recently rediscovered a very nice interview I did with Vice Magazine.


robert grosvenor

Robert Grosvenor's show at Paula Cooper makes "oblique allusions to our everyday environment."


juergen teller

Also at Lehmann Maupin, Juergen Teller's photographs "display an amalgam of subjects and personalities."


mary corse

Mary Corse's show at Lehmann Maupin continues her "exploration of radiant and reflective surfaces and her innovative technique of painting with glass microspheres."



On Tuesday, March 13, the MoMA will host its first-ever Library and Archives Open House. Attendance is free, and groups and students are welcome.


bankrupt banks

Bankrupt Banks, at Peter Blum, "continues SUPERFLEX’s exploration of the many facets that have led to the international financial crisis."


ryan mcnamara

Ryan McNamara's show at Elizabeth Dee consists of pieces created on-site through collaborations with visitors to the gallery.



The Bruce High Quality Brucennial, on view at 159 Bleecker Street, features close to 400 artists and is "Harderer. Betterer. Fasterer. Strongerer" than ever before.


art observed

One of my new favorite websites is Art Observed, which "covers contemporary art globally from a New York City perspective." It doesn't hurt that their editor is an extraordinary musician.


the value of water

The Value of Water at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine "features the works of 41 artists reflecting on the world’s most precious resource."