mark bradford

Mark Bradford's show at Sikkema Jenkins features his "large-scale paintings, recognized for a complex abstraction of form and intricate layering."


jason brinkerhoff

Jason Brinkerhoff's show at ZieherSmith "continues his fecund anachronistic approach, featuring over 70 works on paper as well as the first look at his painting practice, both of which concentrate on the female figure."


i'm lovin' it

I'm Lovin' It, a group show being held on Sunday, October 28, will take place in the parking lot between the Staples and McDonald's near the BQE in Greenpoint. Each artist will be given a car to do with what they choose.


allicette torres

Picher Oklahoma, Invention of Abandon, Allicette Torres's show at the 92Y Tribeca, is part of the DoomsDay Film Festival and Art Exhibition.



ArtWorks, The Naomi Cohain Foundation, will be holding their 2012 Art Auction Benefit on Thursday, November 1.



MetPublications, a new online resource that offers in-depth access to the Museum's publications, has recently been launched.


fictitious truths

Fictitious Truths, curated by Kara L. Rooney, "examines such topics as the exploration of personal identity, the analysis of consumer culture (and by extension the art market), and the recreation of political histories."


anthony elia

Anthony Elia will debut 10 pieces for violin and piano tonight, October 23, at 6:00 PM at St. Paul's Chapel, Columbia University. The concert is part of St. Paul's Chapel's weekly music series.


ai weiwei

Forge, Ai Weiwei's show at Mary Boone, features an "installation derived from twisted steel rebar from schools that collapsed during an earthquake in China in May 2008."


martha friedman

Martha Friedman's show at WALLSPACE ends October 20.


the artist's institute

The Artist's Institute's 5th season is dedicated to Haim Steinbach.


erica baum

Erica Baum's show at Bureau "shows a synthesis of her interest in narrative elements and an attention to abstraction and negative space."


alix pearlstein

Alix Pearlstein's show at On Stellar Rays "exploits acts of spectatorship among individuals, isolating a dialectical engagement of movement, observation and reception."


anya kielar

WOMEN, Anya Kielar's show at Rachel Uffner, consists of "a series of large-scale fabric pieces in which she continues her ongoing investigation of the female form."


tina barney

Small Towns, Tina Barney's show at Janet Borden, closes November 21.


lucas samaras

XYZ, Lucas Samaras's show at Pace, is the inaugural show at their new 508 West 25th Street space.


stray light grey

Stray Light Grey, at Marlborough Chelsea, is a collaboration between Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe that "composes an expansive, alternate world that reimagines culture through subjects such as rogue science, psychedelic drugs, mega-conventions and hypertrophic urbanism."


come closer

The New Museum's show Come Closer: Art Around the Bowery, 1969-1989, features "original artwork, ephemera, and performance documentation by over fifteen artists who lived and worked on or near the Bowery in New York."


six years

"Six Years," the seminal book on conceptual art complied by Lucy R. Lippard, has been transposed into a show at the Brooklyn Museum.


garo antreasian

Garo Antreasian's show at David Findlay Jr opens October 6.


the memory of white

The Memory of White, at Leonard Hutton, includes such iconic artists as Piero Manzoni, Ettore Spalletti, Pierpaolo Calzalari, Giulio Paolini, Fausto Melotti and Luigi Carboni.


leonardo drew

Leonardo Drew's show at Sikkema Jenkins closes October 12.


kim joon

Kim Joon's show at Sundaram Tagore closes October 6.


olga de amaral

Places, Olga de Amaral's show at Nohra Haime, "plays a unique balancing act between fine art and fiber art."


richard estes

New York By Night, Richard Estes's show at Marlborough, "marks the artist's nineteenth year with Marlborough."


doyle new york

Doyle New York will hold its first Street Art Auction on October 16.


the scream

The Scream will temporarily be on view at the MoMA beginning October 24.