kay rosen

Wide and Deep, Kay Rosen's show at Sikkema Jenkins, "enlists the limits of the basic architecture of the space and the possibilities of everyday language."


alec soth

Alec Soth's show at Sean Kelly reflects his "increasing interest in the mounting anger and frustration that some— specifically male— Americans feel with societal constraints and their subsequent desire to remove themselves from civilization."


the ungovernables

The Ungovernables, the New Museum's 2012 Triennial, features "thirty-four artists, artist groups, and temporary collectives—totaling over fifty participants—born between the mid-1970s and mid-1980s, many of whom have never before exhibited in the US."


georg baselitz

Georg Baselitz, whose career "is a constant process of counterpoint, marked by intense periods of creative activity culminating in a masterpiece or group of master works," has a show at Gagosian.


jonathan lasker

Jonathan Lasker's show at Cheim & Read "groups together twenty seminal paintings, dating from 1977–1985, which attest to the origins of his methodology, and ideas about abstraction, figuration and language."


cindy sherman

Cindy Sherman's long-awaited retrospective at the MoMA opens February 26.


odd nerdrum

Odd Nerdrum's show at Forum Gallery will open March 8.


tom friedman

Tom Friedman's show at Luhring Augustine, his first New York show since 2005, features "both sculptures as well as works on paper, in a wide range of materials, scales, and genres."


piet van den boog

Bruised and Battered, Piet van den Boog's show at Mike Weiss, opens February 23.


ryan sullivan

Ryan Sullivan's work at Maccarone "tempers gesture and authorship through an entropic set of actions."


félix candela

The Wallach Art Gallery and the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University present an exhibit on the life and work of Félix Candela.


hugh scott-douglas

A Place In The Sun, Hugh Scott-Douglas' show at Clifton Benevento, consists of "a series of nearly identical 30 by 40 inch works using two overlaid negatives."


shawn dulaney

Shawn Dulaney's show at Sears-Peyton features "medium to large format abstract landscapes whose translucent structures are layered with chromatic veils of light."



klara liden

Pretty Vacant, Klara Liden's show at Reena Spaulings, closes February 19.


jon kessler

The Blue Period, Jon Kessler's show at Salon 94, consists of "kinetic machines, surveillance cameras, video monitors and life-size cardboard figures."


graham durward

Graham Durward's work at Louis B. James "renders formally the intangibility and ephemerality of desire."


antoni tàpies


doug wheeler

Doug Wheeler's SA MI 75 DZ NY 12 at David Zwirner "explores the materiality of light while emphasizing the viewer’s physical experience of infinite space."


terry winters

Terry Winters' show at Matthew Marks "depicts forms inspired by mathematical concepts like tessellations and knot theory, as well as shapes from the natural and scientific worlds."


jean dubuffet

The Last Two Years, at The Pace Gallery, focuses on Dubuffet's final works.


jordan wolfson

Jordan Wolfson's show at Alex Zachary Peter Currie runs through February 18.


sergej jensen

Sergej Jensen's show at Anton Kern features more of his processed mixed-medium fabrics.


tony cragg

Tony Cragg's show at Marian Goodman features "recent sculptures in bronze, corten steel, wood, cast iron, and stone."


rashid johnson

Rashid Johnson's show at Hauser & Wirth closes February 25.