the evil eye

Queens College Art Center presents The Evil Eye, a show based on the belief that "an evil eye can cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed."


tom thayer

Tom Thayer's show at Derek Eller opens April 27.


brice marden

New Paintings, Brice Marden's show at Matthew Marks, consists of, among other pieces, "fifteen new paintings in oil on marble, which Marden completed last year on the Greek island of Hydra."


gilbert & george

The Gilbert & George shows at Lehmann Maupin open April 26th.


fred sandback

Decades, Fred Sandback's show at David Zwirner, consists of "a selection of important sculptures and drawings spanning the years 1969 to 2000."


dustin yellin

Dustin Yellin's show at Half Gallery "includes an exclusively monochromatic perspective blending Futurism with the proto-cinematic."


alina szapocznikow

I was recently introduced to the work of Alina Szapocznikow.


caio fonseca

Caio Fonseca's new work at Paul Kasmin features "irreducible forms in precise architecture that belie their apparent rigor."


catherine lee

Catherine Lee's work at Galerie Lelong marks "the passage of time through vigorous, repetitive brushstrokes."


enrico david

Nerve Ending, Enrico David's show at Michael Werner, closes April 21.


sheila hicks

Sheila Hicks's show at Sikkema Jenkins "traverses the boundaries between painting and sculpture, design, craft and even architecture with the use of woven forms."


sara bichão

Sara Bichão's show at Rooster opens April 19.


the frick

The Frick will offer free after-hours admission on Friday, April 27, from 6:00-9:00PM.


peter saul

For his first show at Mary Boone, Peter Saul "synthesizes Pop, Surrealism, Expressionism, and an irreverent Underground Comic aesthetic."


jim shaw

Jim Shaw's show at Metro Pictures consists of "a large mural and 20 drawings comprising a comic book that center on his fictional religion Oism."


michelangelo pistoletto

Lavoro, Michelangelo Pistoletto's show at Luhring Augustine, consists of "new mirror paintings which explore lavoro, or work, as it relates to the subject of construction."


cy twombly

Cy Twombly's show at Eykyn Maclean features work from the Sonnabend Collection.


donna forma

Donna Forma's show at OK Harris opens April 21.


simone gilges

Simone Gilges's show at Foxy Production "draws astute visual connections between the people she portrays and the settings in which they are posed."


sarah charlesworth

Sarah Charlesworth's show at Susan Inglett "engages the play of light from her studio window as it reflects and refracts to conjure a mysterious animated presence."


francesca woodman

Francesca Woodman, at the Guggenheim, is the "first comprehensive survey of the artist’s brief but extraordinary career to be seen in North America."


keith haring

Keith Haring's show at the Brooklyn Museum focuses on his early years, 1978-1982.


sam moyer

Slack Tide, Sam Moyer's show at Rachel Uffner, "continues her examination of the liminal space between the two- and three-dimensional."