anthony caro

The Met celebrates the coming of summer with the return of their roof garden. Anthony Caro, "considered the most influential and prolific British sculptor of his generation and a key figure in the development of modernist sculpture over the last sixty years," has the honors.


rochelle feinstein

For her show at On Stellar Rays Rochelle Feinstein made a body of work using only materials she had on hand at her studio, resulting in "abstract paintings that incorporate items as various as Styrofoam, a scrim embellished with gold and silver leaf, a birthday present from the sculptor Rachel Harrison (complete with the box that it came in), and a Craigslist ad seeking a nude model to pose for an abstract painting." It runs through May 1.


jasper johns

The Jasper Johns show at Matthew Marks "features eleven sculptures completed over the past five years, which represent the largest body of work Johns has completed in his more than 50 year career." It opens May 7.


common love, aesthetics of becoming

Common Love, Aesthetics of Becoming, at the Wallach Art Gallery of Columbia University, "explores love as a way to participate in the production of a contemporary world where physical, cultural, and virtual space is shared."


beautiful darling

Beautiful Darling: The Life and Times of Candy Darling, is a documentary film about Andy Warhol's Superstar. Featuring "loads of current and vintage interviews, film clips, photos, and never-before-screened archival footage, the film brings Candy and her world back to us after over thirty years." It opens April 22 at the IFC Center.


tiago estrada

Rooster continues its presentation of well-produced and thoughtful exhibitions with Marginalia, drawings by Tiago Estrada. Quickly gaining a reputation for excellent, if not challenging, shows, this is a gallery worth keeping an eye on.


marilyn minter

Paintings from the 80s, Marilyn Minter's show at Team, allows us to view her development by pulling work from two early series: the 1986-1987 Big Girls/Little Girls, built "from imagery with an almost journalistic remove," and her 1989 Porn Grids, which "capture women and men engaged in what the porn industry refers to as 'money shots.'"


david dupuis

For his seventh solo show at Derek Eller, David Dupuis "expands upon his exploration of mortality and the human condition by incorporating personal reactions to current events, specifically the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan." It closes April 30.


davis, cherubini

Cobalt, a collaboration between sculptors Taylor Davis and Nicole Cherubini at Newman Popiashvili Gallery, consists of "a new body of slabs that materially incorporate color." See their work through May 21.


peter blake

Peter Blake, who rarely shows in the states, has an exhibit at Mary Ryan Gallery consisting of "10 unique collages on paper and canvas depicting New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Venice and Tokyo." It will be up through June 18.


katy grannan

Katy Grannan's The Happy Ever After, at Salon 94 Bowery and Salon 94 Freemans, "features women whom Grannan has photographed and filmed for several years." The two-part show will run through May 14.


lou ros

Lou Ros's show Faces closes April 23. See it at Tache, a gallery that is currently accepting submissions.


manolo valdés

I'm pretty into Manolo Valdés these days.


rachel whiteread

Rachel Whiteread, she of cast negative space, has a show at Luhring Augustine with "sculptures that are revelations of the traces we leave behind." It will run through April 30.


berlinde de bruyckere

Berlinde De Bruyckere's show at Hauser & Wirth speaks of "the degradations of modern society and the ways in which mass commercialization of the human body and sexuality can lead to the destruction of both spirituality and eros." It runs through April 23.


collected. vignettes

Collected. Vignettes, at the Studio Museum, "highlights works from the permanent collection that exhibit an impressionistic quality through formal and conceptual means." It runs through June 26.


ruud van empel

Wonder, Ruud van Empel's show at Stux, consists of his patented stitched together fragment photo-collages of archived images. It will run through May 14.



The new Picasso show at Gagosian focuses on his relationship with Marie-Thérèse Walter, Picasso's mistress and muse for some of his most famous work. It opens April 14.



On Saturday, April 9, there will be a panel discussion about "a group of poets, artists, architects, students and troublemakers known as the Lettrist/Situationist International (LI/SI)" who in the 1960s and 1970s "made a desperate attempt to re-inscribe the European city so that its inhabitants could break free from the bleak urban routine of work and consumption." The event takes place at the Judson Memorial Church, and is part of the Annual Anarchist Book Fair.



The Frick, which owns Rembrandt's self-portrait of 1658, arguably the greatest painting in New York City, is "devoting three exhibition spaces to the work of this artist and his school" in a show that runs through May 15.



SICK!, a group show that "examines how artists give particular shape to abject feelings and fantasies," opens April 8 at Suite 702 of the Fuller Building. Artists participating include Tom Sanford, Eddie Martinez, Aaron Johnson and Peter Saul.


aime mpane

Aime Mpane's work "embodies the pain and grace of human conflict drawn from an informed political consciousness and awareness of Africa’s colonial history." His show at Skoto Gallery closes April 9.


josé manuel ciria

José Manuel Ciria's show at Stux is his first exhibition of work in the United States focused on the "imaginary forms of figuration." It closes April 2.


isidro blasco

Isidro Blasco's show at Black & White Gallery "recreates a labyrinth of dozens of distorted spaces, each marked by two simple panels, one with a door and another with a door and a square window, built with basic building materials and repeated ad infinitum." It closes April 3.