incongruent sum

Incongruent Sum, produced by Mathematics Collective, is on view at 111 Leroy Street.


rene ricard

Rene Ricard's first solo painting show in New York in over 20 years, "Sonnets from the Portuguese," is on view at the former Heidi Cho gallery in Chelsea.


scotto mycklebust

Scotto Mycklebust, an artist known for exploring a variety of media, has a new series called the Super Size Paintings Part 2.


ilit azoulay

Ilit Azoulay's show at Andrea Meislin Gallery "focuses on the creation of a completely staged visual environment."


kim dorland

Kim Dorland's show at Mike Weiss looks pretty amazing. It opens June 23 and runs through the summer.


diana shpungin

Diana Shpungin's show at Stephan Stoyanov has been receiving a fair amount of press. The work is strong, and "examines the notion of bereavement, identity, love, regret, resentment and finality" in a somber yet playful manner.


indeterminate activity

Indeterminate Activity, at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, is a group show of artists whose work fluctuates between object and materiality.



ART BLOG ART BLOG presents Entanglement, a group show that "addresses the intrinsic and cosmic likeness of things made by any individual."


juanli carrion

Juanli Carrion's show at Y Gallery opens June 22.


hilary harnischfeger

There is still exciting work to be seen during the summer months in NYC. Case in point, Hilary Harnischfeger's recent show at Rachel Uffner Gallery.


kimber smith

Kimber Smith, who died at age fifty-nine in 1981, has a show up now at James Graham that will hopefully introduce his lesser-known work to a new generation of artists.


merlin james

Merlin James's show at Sikkema Jenkins, which "extends his long-standing exploration into the nature of painting," opens June 22.


matt keegan

Matt Keegan loves New York. His show at D'Amelio Terras is "lined with random photographs of the city: a white boy wearing a yarmulke playing chess against a black man in a hoodie; a view of a polluted waterway between Brooklyn and Queens; a futon left on a sidewalk; a cat inside a bodega."


roe ethridge

Roe Ethridge, a photographer who "flaunts the most commercial aspects of his work, then subverts them with pictures of a floor full of construction debris and a plastic bag wafting in midair," has a show at Andrew Kreps through July 2.


jiro takamatsu

Jico Takamatsu's fabulous show at McCaffrey Fine Art features "paintings, drawings and sculptures dating from 1965-1973 that run riot through the sanctified realms of structural integrity and material truth in lattice forms and concrete blocks that were distorted and deconstructed."


lloyd martin

Lloyd Martin's show at Stephen Haller closes June 25.


cy decosse

A Cy DeCosse retrospective will open June 24 at Verve Gallery of Photography.


young sook park and lee ufan

Young Sook Park and Lee Ufan's upcoming show at RH Gallery looks interesting.


john stutz

John Stutz's show at A. Jain Marunochi features his densely layered sculptures made from heavy materials.


always the young strangers

Always the Young Strangers, an exhibition of 17 photographers at Higher Pictures, "collectively feels and speaks of individuality and possibility."


subodh gupta

A Glass of Water, Subodh Gupta's show at Hauser & Wirth, "further extends Gupta’s ongoing investigation into the sustaining and even transformational power of everyday objects and activities."


robert mapplethorpe

Who doesn't like Robert Mapplethorpe? His show, 50 Americans, at Sean Kelly, features "fifty works selected by fifty Americans of diverse occupations, ages, races, and backgrounds." It runs through June 18.


gillian wearing

Gillian Wearing's show at Tanya Bonakdar describes "narratives that land strikingly between the public and private, fiction and documentary, the raw improvisation and the carefully staged."


vahap avsar

NONEISAFE, the first solo exhibition in the US by Turkish born artist Vahap Avsar, strives to "question the strength of the social structures we have created to protect ourselves." It will be on view at Charles Bank through June 19.


laurel nakadate

For 365 Days: A Catalogue of Tears, Laurel Nakadate "photographed herself before, during and after weeping each day from January 1 through December 31, 2010." It is at Leslie Tonkonow through June 25.


jim dine

Jim Dine: The Glyptotek Drawings, at the Morgan, "explores Dine's meditation on the antique world" by "presenting forty drawings, the resulting book of prints based on them, and a number of related works, all promised gifts of the artist to the Morgan."