glen fogel

Somehow this is Glen Fogel's first solo show in New York. The 2002 Whitney Biennial participant is at PARTICIPANT INC with "a new five-channel video installation and an ongoing series of large-scale paintings of letters written to the artist."


jonas wood

At Anton Kern, Jonas Wood "has put together a body of paintings and drawings that confronts the viewer with formal rigor and emotional intensity combined with a strong dosage of contemporaneity, thrill and pleasure."


marcia resnick

Bad Boys, Marcia Resnick's show at Deborah Bell Photographs, is a collection of "punks, poets and provocateurs that studies the various ways in which power and maleness manifested themselves in New York City in the 1970s and ‘80s."


david hammons

The incredible David Hammons show at L & M Arts closes on February 26. The show has been getting a lot of press, all of it deserved. See it.


hope gangloff

Hope Gangloff's new work at Susan Inglett "captures a personal American Vision, a modern day Dick and Nicole Diver who by some turn of events have found themselves inhabiting a Brooklyn cold-water flat." The show runs through March 12.



Artefuse, a website dedicated to showing the best art from all over the world, recently had a post about my work.


juan navarro baldeweg

The Spanish artist Juan Navarro Baldeweg's show at Marlborough, which consists of "vibrant oils on canvas, that range in size from small-scale to large-format," closes February 26.



Thanks to SLAMXHYPE, a super cool daily that looks at fashion, style and culture, for the mention of my work.


gerhard richter

Gerhard Richter's show Sinbad, at the Flag Art Foundation, consists of paintings presented behind glass and arranged into forty-nine diptych pairs.


lee wells

Lee Wells's exhibit at Rooster Contemporary, Action for Freedom, which opens on February 17, features new video action paintings from his "Soul Series".


trey speegle

Trey Speegle's show at Benrimon Contemporary looks interesting. Using "one of the world’s largest collections of vintage paint-by-number paintings as inspiration, Speegle explores themes of hope, love, longing and transformation by using affirmations, double entendre, and word play that resonate with a broad Pop appeal."


possible projects

POSSIBLE PROJECT'S Possible Press, a curated quarterly of artist's writings, recently released its newest issue. To receive a copy, email:


sergej jensen

Sergej Jensen's show at MoMA PS1, which is his first American museum survey, consists of "twenty works produced over the past eight years, as well as a number of new pieces created by the artist on site." It will be on view through May 2.


judit reigl

The Judit Reigl show at Rooster Gallery closes on Sunday. Go see it. And go downstairs and watch this video.


olivier mosset

For his current exhibit at Leo Koenig, Olivier Mosset "has anchored the show by presenting 40 identically sized black paintings."


lynda benglis

I am excited to check out the Lynda Benglis show at Salon 94. And at the New Museum, for that matter.


david hammons

The David Hammons show at L&M Arts is full of mix-media creations challenging the space between grotesque and beautiful.


pool art fair

The PooL Art Fair, a "meeting ground for outstanding unrepresented artists and the large public of contemporary art professionals," will take place from March 4-6 at the Gershwin Hotel.


google's art project

Google's Art Project is pretty amazing. Have fun "exploring museums from around the world, discovering and viewing hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even creating and sharing your own collection of masterpieces."


brask art blog

Thanks to Jens-Peter Brask for the mention of my work.


michael anderson

I was recently introduced to the work of Michael Anderson, an artist based in New York City who runs the Harlem Collage Shop.