cameron fuller

Bespoke Gallery has interesting shows. Non-Euclidean Zones, an installation project by Cameron Fuller, fits the bill. Relying mostly on masking tape, cardboard and India ink, Fuller "presents a full transformation of Bespoke Gallery’s physical space into a graphic two and three-dimensional urban environment" that both pleases the eye while challenging one's perspective. This is the artist's first solo show in New York.

Cameron Fuller
Non-Euclidean Zones
Bespoke Gallery
547 W. 27th Street

December 18 - January 17


barkley l. hendricks

The Studio Museum has the best openings in the city. Although Barkley L. Hendricks' opening was in November his retrospective should be seen. Best known for life-sized portraits of black, urban citizens, his work incorporates elements of history painting in a manner similar to Kehinde Wiley, but with more tact.

Barkley L. Hendricks
Birth of the Cool
The Studio Museum
144 W. 125th Street

November 12 - March 15



This show looks interesting.

Axelle Fine Arts
547 W. 20th St.

December 11 - January 4


miki carmi

Miki Carmi is in a show with James Busby at the Stux Gallery. Carmi, who received his MFA from Columbia in 2005, "works from old family portraits, producing compelling and innovative large-scale paintings of aged heads... with heavy [brush] strokes, so the physical properties mimic the texture and visceral qualities of aged skin."

Scratching at the Surface
James Busby & Miki Carmi
Stux Gallery
530 W. 25th Street

December 11 - January 25


marlene dumas

I'm pretty excited for the Marlene Dumas show at the MoMA. It's the first large scale exhibit of her work in the United States, and will feature over 70 paintings and 35 drawings that "merge themes of race, sexuality, and social identity with personal experience and art-historical antecedents to create a unique perspective on important and controversial issues of the day."

Marlene Dumas
Measuring Your Own Grave
11 W. 53rd St.

December 14 - February 16


kate clark

Kate Clark blurs reality and myth by synthesizing animal and man. Her lifesize sculptures mirror "safety, gentility and cultivation" yet leave one feeling uncertain and capable of violence. It is a rewarding situation in which to be placed.

Kate Clark
Perfect Strangers
Claire Oliver
513 W. 26th St.

November 20 - January 3


keith tyson

This morning Keith Tyson offered 5,000 free downloadable pieces of art via The Guardian. Each piece was constructed by an algorithm based on one's computer's IP address and location. The results "relate to a body of work by Tyson called the History Paintings, a group of paintings also in stripes of red, black and green, with the arrangement of the colours dictated by spins of the roulette wheel."

I got mine. Get yours.


hristo atanasov

Check out some of the games on which my friend Hristo has been working. The dude's crazy, and will take up a lot of your time. In a good way.


art fag city

this is a pretty good site to keep track of what's going on in the world of art

art fag city


cindy sherman

Cindy Sherman is already a legend, but that doesn't mean that her work can't still be shocking. Her show at Metro Pictures put me on edge.

Cindy Sherman
Metro Pictures
519 W. 24th St.

November 15 - December 23


mark leckey

Multimedia artist Mark Leckey is the 2008 winner of the Turner Prize. Awarded to a British artist under the age of 50, the feel of this year's competition was remarkably staid and somewhat unnoteworthy. Leckey wins 25,000 Pounds and infinite fame.