residency unlimited

Residency Unlimited seeks a New York City based artist for an 8 month residency in Brooklyn. The residency begins October 1 and the deadline to apply is September 9. More information may be found here.


lisa yuskavage

It is a month away, but the Lisa Yuskavage show at David Zwiner should be fun.


kiseok kim

Kiseok Kim's show Plastics at Hionas Gallery opens September 9.


ryan trecartin

Ryan Trecartin's, another young digital artist, show at MoMA PS1 consists of seven films that "are interconnected spatially via networked viewing rooms and materially by characters, semblances of plot, and formal, recurring motifs."


cory arcangel

Cory Arcangel, the art world's current it-boy, has a show at the Whitney with work that has "been created by means of technological tools with an emphasis on the mixing and matching of both professional and amateur technologies, as well as the vernaculars these technologies encourage within culture at large."


stefanie gutheil

Stefanie Gutheil's show at Mike Weiss opens September 8.


the women in our life

Cheim & Read celebrate their fifteenth anniversary with a group show of the women with whom they work.


andrea ursuta

Andra Ursuta's show at Ramiken Crucible consists of a single sculpture that "depicts the aftermath of the artist’s attempt to catapult herself into space using a large medieval siege engine."


hilary lloyd

Hilary Lloyd's show at Artist Space consists of video diptychs of mundane subjects presented on flat-screen televisions mounted on steel poles.


leo villareal

Leo Villareal's Volume at Gering & Lopez consists of a single piece made from "20,000 white LED nodes that are suspended in a three-dimensional matrix of mirror-finished stainless steel." Experience it before August 19.


david lachapelle

Raft of Illusion: Raging Toward Truth, David LaChapelle's large photo-based mixed media piece, is being shown at the Lever House through September 2.


maskull lasserre

Artist Maskull Lasserre carves skeletal features into wooden objects.


nancy palubniak

Nancy Palubniak's show at Alliance Gallery opens August 26.


cy twombly

Cy Twombly's sculpture exhibit at the MoMA hasn't been getting much press, which is too bad. The seven pieces on view are composed "from found materials, small objects, scrap wood, and plaster," and covered in white paint for "an ethereal presence."


henry codax

Henry Codax's show at Carriage Trade closes August 13.


the bowery

The Bowery, Raoul Walsh's "rowdy celebration of Gay 90s low life," is playing at the Film Forum.


de kooning

The "first major museum exhibition devoted to the full scope of the career of Willem de Kooning" opens at the MoMA in September.



newcriteria is a nice, new art blog. Hop in.


lisa cooley

Lisa Cooley presents work by Miriam Böhm, Rosy Keyser, and Erin Shirreff that "share a nuanced exploration of visual perception and the subjective excesses it enables."


la carte d'apres nature

La Carte d'apres Nature, curated by Thomas Demand, features "works by artists whose concern with the natural world connects them across spatial and temporal distances."



The Center for Book Arts presents The Un(Framed) Photograph, an exhibit featuring "current members of CBA's artistic community and other invited artists whose work will further the discourse, focuses on how the art of photography, the photographic process, and related media, such as video stills, are used to convey content, form, text, and image within a broader context of book arts practices."


yago hortal

Yago Hortal's show at Rooster opens August 4.


erik benson

Erik Benson will have a show at Edward Tyler Nahem in September.


wanna see my portfolio?

Wanna See My Portfolio?, at Pace/MacGill, consists of portfolios produced by Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Duane Michals, Robert Rauschenberg, and Garry Winogrand.