no box assembly

"No Box Assembly is a group of five young painters from around the country who converged in a painting studio in an old Lower East Side synaogue. The artists of No Box work for themselves, and present to each other. They have found that a group dynamic and common purpose allows each individual to push into his/her own process. Though working in the same space under similar conditions, each artist produces art that is largely directed by their own personal vision. This, in turn, lead to dynamic opportunities for group exhibition as well as a unique blend of influences and support for their individual projects."

No Box Assembly is proud to collaborate with Collective Hardware in their first group exhibition,
"The Gum That You Like is Coming Back..."

Leah Dixon, Winston Chmielinski, Heidi Hahn, Jonathon Jackson, Lauren Seiden

Curated by Theodore Barrow

"The Gum That You Like Is Coming Back..."

April 4 - April 11